Taken during a trip to Florida in June, 2017 (the kids in the background are my daughter and little sister – I’m not being a creep, I promise).

I am a restless soul living a stationary life and trying to make the most of it without ignoring my need for change and experience.  It’s challenging sometimes, to say the least. Thus the title of the blog – The Sedentary Wanderer.  I’m a wanderer by nature but sedentary by choice and circumstance.  The two are opposing forces and I have yet to work them into the yin and yang that I believe they have the potential to be for me.

I started this blog because I love to write.  I grew up in the era of letter writing and had the good fortune to know people from all over the world from an early age.  Expressing intense, teenage emotions on paper, taking a thought and following it wherever it led (stream of consciousness), watching my mom write in her journal every day – these were my early experiences with the written word.

Essentially what you’ll read in these pages is my attempt at finding balance and my journey towards an ever more fulfilling life (in whatever form/s that takes).  I hope that you see something of yourself here and that you keep coming back for more.


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